3 Weight Training Tips That Can Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

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When it comes to choosing what to do in the gym, weight training seems to be many people’s go-to choice. And we can’t blame them. Weight training, contrary to popular belief, can help with building muscle and weight loss. It truly is a double threat of an exercise. However, weight training, like anything else, is a skill that you need to learn. Hopping in the gym and picking up random weights will not help you reach your fitness goals. It takes some practice and a lot of knowledge to get weight training down, or you could get a few tips from the experts and have a head start. Learning from those who have been lifting weights for years is an effective method, which is why we have spoken with the experts to get their best tips for weight training. Here at Youfit, located in Phoenix, Arizona, we want to ensure you are getting in your workouts as safely and successfully as possible. Keeping these following tips in mind while hitting the weight rack will not only show you progress over time but will also ensure you are safe.

Tip 1: Keep Imbalances in Mind

When lifting weights, your body may seem as if only a few muscle groups are actively working; however, your whole body is working together to lift the weight. You are just targeting a muscle group or two. Lifting weights is a team effort for your body, meaning you need to treat it as such by preventing any imbalances. If you aren’t sure what imbalances are, we got you covered. Imbalances happen in the muscles when you are continually training one muscle group in a specific way. If someone is consistently pushing up weights on a bench and is never doing other exercises, they are putting themselves at a disadvantage. Sure, that one muscle group is being worked out and maybe strong, but this strength will only go so far. There will come a time where this person cannot continue to up their weights or succeed at other exercises because of this imbalance in muscle groups. They are also putting themself at an increased risk of injury. Working out all of the muscle groups in the surrounding area is the best way to see progress and avoid muscle strain or injury.

Tip 2: Have a Plan

You may not be too convinced at first that planning out the gym can help with weight lifting, but trust us, it makes a big difference. Having an idea of what you want to do every week will help you go into the gym and be efficient. Some people even stick to the same schedule every week. For example, on Monday, you may do legs, and when Tuesday comes around, you may do shoulders, back, and chest.  Sticking to a schedule and keeping track of your progress will ensure you stay progressing towards your goals and avoiding any plateaus or fallbacks.

Tip 3: Rest In Between Sets

When you lift weights, you are more than likely doing sets. Sets are the most effective way to get the proper amount of reps in and stay on top of how many you have done. Most people choose to lift a lighter weight and do more reps per set, or they lift heavier weight and do fewer reps per set. This decision is all up to you and your personal preferences. Those who do the lighter weight should take a shorter break in between sets, usually around 45-75 seconds, while those who do the heavier weight should take a lengthier break, usually around 2-5 minutes.

Here at Youfit, located in Phoenix, Arizona, we want to help you succeed in and out of the gym. With this in mind, we have come up with this guide of 3 proven to work weight training tips. These tips will not only ensure you stay on top of weight training but will also help you see continual progress as time goes by. If you aren’t a member yet, be sure to sign up soon and get a free fitness assessment, including more weight training tips. To learn more about Youfit and our many services, give our team a call today at (602) 732-3001.