Four Reasons to Include a Buddy in Your Gym Membership in Phoenix

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Working out can be a drag, especially for those who don’t naturally have an athletic streak. Fortunately, our differences are what make the world a unique and exciting place to be. There are ways for those who are less athletic to find joy in within their fitness routines. Studies show that those who bring a friend to their gym often make more of an effort to go, and also end up sticking to a schedule. If you’re trying to find ways to spark a love for the gym, why not invite a buddy to be a part of your gym membership in Phoenix? Keep reading to learn more!

  1. Accountability: Perks of a Buddy-Pass Gym Membership in Phoenix

The number one reason people find it beneficial to bring a friend is because they feel they are being held accountable. This is incredibly important for those that have troubles making it to the gym or sticking through a workout. Whatever the case may be, gyms that offer buddy-passes and visitor passes see an increase in returning customers. If you want to be held accountable for your fitness goals, bring a friend!

  • Make it More Fun

An added perk of bringing a friend is that you’re guaranteed to have more fun. Friends can sit next to you and count your reps, or you can both talk about your days in between sets. Friends can teach you how to use the equipment, or even teach you about a new exercise they learned. Having others around us during strenuous workouts can make the experience significantly more enjoyable. Additionally, you’re knocking out your social and fitness goals for the week!

  • Motivational

Having a friend can be very motivational, especially if that person is driven to finish their workouts. In fact, some individuals find friends that are more athletic than they, in hopes of being pushed to finish, and encouraged to thrive. Working out with a friend can also silently motivate you to try harder, run further, and hold out just a little bit longer!

  • Deepen Friendships

Last, but not least, when you workout with a friend, you’re deepening your relationships. You’re adding value to each other’s lives and you’re staying up to date on information, stories, troubles, and joys. This ritual together can strengthen any bond and create long-lasting friendships.

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